Tuesday, May 28, 2019

How to get "Good Answers"™ from Strangers on the Internet

I happen to spend a decent amount of time on the internet (shocker... I know), and often in places where questions are asked, and usually answered.

When posting a question to people on the internet, here's a few things to think of.
  1. Be Polite.
  2. They are probably not being paid, free answers are paid for with time (possibly, sometimes people respond to things quickly).
  3. Remember when you are asking for opitions/options vs. facts.
  4. Ask "Good Questions" by avoiding things like the XY problem.
  5. Don't make people ask you to provide information that is required to answer the problem.
  6. Don't ask to ask (generally speaking), unless you are being force to interrupt an active discussion.
  7. Show that you've done a bit of research and/or thinking about it on your own.
  8. If there are restrictions on answers, state them as early in the conversation as possible.
  9. Understand that someone might think the whole thing is a bad idea, instead of arguing, ask why, you might find the answer in their critique (also, you have nothing to lose by listening to their opinion)!
  10. Be Excellent to Each Other.
I am sure that I have missed some things, but this will make a great starting off point for anyone interested in seeking knowledge from strangers on the internet!

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