Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Coming Soon™

Having been inspired by both The Gardens of Ynn and The Stygian Library (both by the incredible Emmy Allen, whose work I can't recommend enough). I've begun working on a similar (and likely shorter!) concept for a Mothership module.

The current list of inspirations for the feel of the setting are:
Event Horizon.
Cube (the movies).
With maybe a touch of Hitchiker's guide (just because).

I plan on making it a very randomized (yay repeatability!) but concise set of tools for a fucked-up descent into madness/fear with very little chance of a truly happy ending. I am going to pay special attention to make sure that the combination of elements allows for the diverse party composition that Mothership encourages, which is a lot different than my previous (OSR-related) "dungeoncrawl(mostly hacking to be honest)"-type homebrew adventures.

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